At Kent Business Consultancy, we understand your desire to grow your business, and as you expand, the necessity to build a team naturally follows. That's why our Team Coaching program is meticulously designed to transform groups of individuals into high-functioning, synergistic teams. 
Operating primarily in Kent, with our reach extending to London and the Southeast, our services are perfectly poised to elevate your team's performance. 


Teams encounter challenges on a daily basis. However, the primary reason most teams struggle to function effectively is their failure to recognise that they spend more time operating within their individual functions rather than prioritising their role as team members for the greater benefit of the business. 
Teams have been recognised as the true asset of any business, and unlocking the potential of teams within organisations is the quickest way to successfully grow. 
The pandemic underscored the effect that remote working has on teams, which shed light on its impact. Achievement is consistently hindered and success suffers when individuals fail to collaborate effectively. 


Building teams that function effectively in this new hybrid working environment is one of our core beliefs at KBC. 
We collaborate closely with New Level Results, and together, we have unlocked the secrets to building great teams. 
Request a call to discus how we can drive your business forward with team coaching and interactive workshops. 


Imagine if you could get every member of your team working on the same page. 
Our Teambuilding Workshop sessions enable us to establish a legacy status for the team, define shared values, and address past obstacles, leading to the agreement on team principles for future goals. 
Using the specialised Curve Software Platform, we guide teams to understand their strengths and weaknesses, ensuring each member is held accountable through monthly online team coaching sessions. 
This approach isn't solely about achieving results but also about nurturing team behaviours to reshape the culture and improve staff retention. 
Imagine as a leader, having your own leadership development program running parallel to your team's journey towards improved performance. It's a powerful combination. 


Tailored Strategies: Every team is unique, and so are our coaching methods. 
Experienced Coaches: Our coaches bring decades of experience in diverse industries. 
Result-Oriented: We focus on tangible improvements in team performance. 
Effective Communication: Enhancing team interactions for better productivity. 
Conflict Resolution: Equipping teams to handle internal challenges constructively. 
Ongoing Support: Continuous guidance to maintain and build on success. 


If you're a business owner or managing director based in Kent or the Southeast, and you're looking to: 
Grow your business. 
Enhance the efficiency of your business operations. 
Improve Leadership and or Team performance 
Scale your business. 
Then, please arrange a callback. We firmly believe that understanding your business and your objectives is crucial before offering any solutions. Our initial session is dedicated to getting to know you and aiding you in gaining clarity on where you aspire to be in a year's time. We'll demonstrate how we can assist you in reaching your goals, and if you decide to proceed, we'll discuss the investment required and explore what is feasible for you. 


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