Not Just Another Consultancy 

At Kent Business Consultancy Ltd, we're not about buzzwords and business jargon. We're about real results for real businesses and real people. Based in North Kent, we've spread our wings and ambition to reach London and the Southeast. Here, we thrive on challenging business leaders, not just meeting but exceeding their expectations, and guiding them to new heights of success. 


Jim Jordan is the founder of KBC, which started with a simple idea:  
We were not taught how to run a business at school. 
Even an MBA is not based on running a business, it’s based on theories that may or may not be relevant to your business. Secondly, as your business grows it changes and the skills and job roles that you started with change as your business grows. Thirdly If you want to grow a business you need to grow your people and your leadership skills to get the best out of your team.  
We work with you to blend what has made you successful so far into what will make even more successful and sustainable in the future and for over 40 years, Jim has been turning those opportunity ideas into reality and building the skills and confidence for you to achieve them. 

A Word from Jim Jordan 

"In the world of business, real growth requires more than just good advice – it demands a roadmap to success. At KBC, we're committed to not just charting that course but walking it alongside our clients every step of the way." - Jim Jordan 


Our team is a unique blend of experienced consultants and fresh thinkers. Think of us as your business’s personal think tank, with real goals and real visions for your business to strive towards and achieve. 


We see a world where businesses in Kent and beyond are not just surviving but thriving. Our goal? To be the behind-the-scenes support in your business success story.. 


If you are a Business Owner or Managing Director based in Kent or Southeast, looking to: 
Grow your Business 
Make your business run more effectively with you 
Improve Leadership and or Team performance 
Scale your Business 
Then arrange a call back. We strongly believe that understanding your business and what you are trying to achieve is important before we offer a solution. Our first Session is to get to know you and help you get clarity on where you would like to be in a year’s time. We will show you how we will help you get there and if you want to move forward, we will discuss your investment and what is affordable. 
Connect with us today and take the first step towards unlocking your business's full potential! 
Call Us: 0208 159 3200 
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