Working every hour under the sun is clearly not a sustainable strategy for any business owner or employee but for many that’s just the reality of life at work. Sound familiar? 
We’ve all put in the extra hours from time to time and that’s okay for short periods but what happens when this becomes the norm? In short, nothing good. We all know that overworking can have a negative effect on our physical and mental health but what are we supposed to do about it when the workload never ceases? We can’t let our customers down and so we simply push on, working longer and longer hours, which only makes us less effective and ultimately leads to a demoralised workforce. 
Fear not, these feelings of frustration and despair can be addressed, and help is at hand! 
Over the years we’ve helped businesses of all sizes successfully deal with their time management challenges. Often, we find that there’s a number of factors at play that can sit at the root cause of the problem, and we are skilled at identifying these and working up a solution to eliminate them. The good news is that a little training and the introduction of a few tools and techniques can go a long way to resetting the rhythm of the working day. 
One such tool that we have found to be simple but super effective is the ‘do-delegate-defer-delete’ grid, sometimes known as the dreaded ‘in-tray’ exercise that many management trainees will recall. 
From the grid I’m sure you can work out for yourselves which tasks get what treatment. But how well would you fare in applying your entire workload, your team’s workload or even the activities of the entire business through the same grid? Once completed, people are often amazed at the results which can totally transform what they do and when, taking their efficiency through the roof! 
Of course, this is just one of many tried and tested methods that we apply to our time management programmes that will allow your business to deliver more with the same or less resources and do so in a way that doesn’t burn out the team… In fact, in our experience, our time management work leads to better engaged, more motivated and much happier teams. 
So, if you need help with your time management challenges, talk to us about the possibilities of transforming your business into one which handles scheduling and prioritising tasks as second nature and see your efficiency go sky high. 
Contact us today to book your complimentary introduction consultation and find out more about how we can save your business time and energy and help boost results. 
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